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About FISP
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Historic Settlement (Phase 2)

About FISP

The Saint Petersburg Foundation for Investment Projects is a non-membership nonprofit organization that is not engaged in political activity, was founded on the basis of voluntary property contributions and pursues the goals of public good.

The Foundation was established by decision of its founders (Minutes of the Founding Meeting # 1 of November 14, 1996) and registered by decision of the Saint Petersburg Registration Chamber # 65588 on March 4, 1997 (Registration Certificate # 3863 of March 4, 1997). It operates under the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law on Nonprofit Organizations (# 7-FZ of January 12, 1996), other laws and regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, and the Foundation’s Charter.

The Founders:

  •     The City of Saint Petersburg, a region of the Russian Federation and a city of the federal significance, represented by the Saint Petersburg City Property Management Committee; and

  •     The National Housing Reform Foundation registered by the Moscow City Department of Public and International Relations (Registration Certificate # 2385-1 of July 6, 1995).

In its work, FISP shall engage with federal and regional executive authorities, municipal authorities, civil society and nongovernmental organizations.

FISP’s principal objectives are as follows:

  •   To help mobilize domestic and foreign investment and loans for priority projects/programs supported by public authorities and international organizations engaged in investment activity, including construction, rehabilitation and reconstruction projects focusing on preservation of cultural heritage sites, and related activities;

  • To provide comprehensive assistance and support to public and municipal authorities, for-profit and nonprofit entities, including the international ones, in implementation of investment projects/programs financed from budget and off-budget sources; and

  • To contribute to construction sector development by mobilizing domestic and foreign investment for construction, reconstruction and restoration purposes and participating in the financing of regional/interregional programs, projects and interventions geared to construction sector support and development.


FISP, acting within its mandate, implements the following projects:

  • The Housing and Communal Services Project (Loan Agreement between the Russian Federation and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) No. 4888-RU, dated September 16, 2009);

  • The Preservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage in Russia Project (Loan Agreement between the Russian Federation and the IBRD No. 7999-RU, dated March 23, 2011);

  • The Development of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems Project  (Loan Agreement between the Russian Federation and the New Development Bank (NDB) No. 18RU01, dated January 18, 2019); and

  • The Small Historic Cities Development Project  (Loan Agreement between the Russian Federation and the NDB No.18RU02, dated January 4, 2019). 

FISP implements the aforementioned projects pursuant to the respective agreements between the Russian Federation and the IBRD/NDB and the Project Operational/Administration Manuals. FISP implements the projects supported by the IBRD and NDB on a nonprofit basis.